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Make the most out of your current space

Don't wait for the perfect property to come up on the market at the perfect price. You could be waiting a while! Instead of going through the headache of moving home just to get some extra space, why not choose our home conversions service in Norfolk?


Making the most out of any space available in your property, we can design and build a brand new room that meets your family's needs.

Flexible services to give you any room you'd like

Would you like a new dining room for your family to eat your meals in? How about a cinema room for everyone to get together in and enjoy a flick or maybe a games room for when you have your friends over? With our home conversions, you have limitless options available depending on your lifestyle.

How can we help you in Norfolk?

  • Home conversions

  • Loft conversions and garage conversions

  • Commercial conversions

  • Bringing your ideas to life with architectural drawings

What space don't you use in your home?

Is your garage being used for storage that you no longer need? Have you got room in your loft that currently isn't being utilised? We can help with garage and loft conversions to utilise every bit of space in your property. To start planning your conversions, contact us in Norfolk today on 01728 861 042

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